Liquid Applied Membranes (LAM) are state-of-the-art new generation water based polymer membranes. Spray applied membranes provide a seamless, monolithic & flexible waterproof barrier. Liquid waterproofing coatings are robust with unprecedented long life. Suitable for a large variety of buildings and structures.
Liquid Rubber Waterproofing

Versatile Waterproofing Membrane

Why use Liquid Applied Membranes (LAM) and not traditional membrane systems?

Liquid Applied waterproof coatings were developed to solve the problems which continually arise in the use of conventional membrane systems.

 As a cold spray application, Liquid Applied Membranes are instant set as a single fully-bonded barrier that are continuous and monolithic – there are no joints or seams like sheet/torch on which often become areas of potential weakness.

Liquid Applied Membranes have an unique formula which provides 1,100% elasticity and over 95% memory – allowing for structural movement.

 Liquid Rubber is water based and environmentally friendly –  meets the ever increasing requirements of environmental and health and safety considerations.

 All Liquid Rubber products are completely free of VOCs and consist of stable, non-toxic, odourless & non-flammable components which do not present a storage or transport hazard prior to, during or following application.

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We guarantee all of our work and offer a 15 year warranty.

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